Intentional Living: Setting Goals with Intention

It's that time of year again when most of us start looking at our year in review, creating vision boards, and setting goals or resolutions for the year to come. This year, when choosing your New Year resolutions, why not look at switching up your skincare routine too?

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We've got you covered when it comes to achieving your skincare goals. Just like our skin, our lives are forever changing. Therefore, when life serves up obstacles, as it so often does, having life goals to revisit frequently can also help reset, recommit, and recharge. But have you've ever set a goal and quit before seeing any results? If so, then you know all too well that it takes more than just willpower to make a change. Setting and achieving goals requires motivation, thinking through the plan, and ways to navigate the possible challenges that may arise. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some ideas that may help you set out on the right track of setting goals, and stick at it for success, along with our favourite skincare goals for the New Year

What are Goals?

Much more meaningful than just what we need to accomplish, goals are what we want to achieve. Unlike daily routines, they drive our behaviours over the long run to living more intentionally in alignment with our purpose in life. Sounds intense, we know. But when did you last express yours in an exact, unambiguous way? In reality, most of us rarely feel like we have the time to write down our goals. However, explicitly setting and planning for goals can help turn vague thoughts and feelings into actions. If you're feeling restless, bored or just not fully satisfied, perhaps now is the time to make some concrete plans. With this in mind, how do we go about creating them?

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Set Positive Goals

Instead of making goals that focus on taking something away, such as using less plastic, focus on adding something useful (e.g. using more recyclable packaging). The end goal is still the same, but by reframing it as a positive goal where you are adding something positive instead of cutting something out. 


Journaling empowers us to place our thoughts on paper. It has many benefits such as relieving stress, inspiring creativity and capturing your life story over time. Set journaling to practice by putting some time aside in the mornings or evenings to jot down your daily thoughts and reflections.

Track Your Progress and Reward Yourself

Finally, keep a record of how you're doing and reward yourself for reaching milestones along your goal-getting journey. You could keep your goals recorded in your Journal or set them as your wallpaper on your phone. Then, reward yourself for sticking with your goal until eventually, the goal simply becomes part of your everyday life. 

The Art of Living Intentionally

We've spoken much about being intentional in our our sustainable practicesconsumption, and wellbeing. But there is so much more to explore with this approach. We can live intentionally in many areas to live the life we want. Intentional living is all about living each moment with a purpose and asking ourselves why we do things and how it will help with achieving our goals in life. It involves leaving unfulfilling routines and poor self-care behind, instead focusing energy on making positive changes to your own life. It requires you to ask yourself questions such as "How can I start achieving my goals today?" and "What can I do to make myself happy today?".

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Make some of your goals all about self-care. We've shared some of our favourite skincare goals that can quickly get you on your way.

  • Moisturise your skin:When you lead a busy life, it's easy to forget the all-important step of daily moisturisation. Keeping your skin hydrated and well-moisturised will do wonders for its wellness and appearance.
  • Exfoliate Your Skin Frequently: Add frequent exfoliation into your skincare routine. Regular exfoliation will buff away dead skin and, in turn, also helps with other skincare imperfections.
  • Be Conscious: Your skin deserves the best. That's why we recommend choosing skincare products that respect the planet as well as your skin. Embrace sustainability and make the move to more environmentally friendly packaging, choose products which uses clean and kind-to-skin ingredients to support the health of your skin and use only what you need, opting for unit sized dosage to reduce waste.
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Now that you've identified the goals you want to achieve; you can start by making a list of the products that target your intentions.  Our unique Skin Diagnostic tool based on a smart algorithm, not just product filtration, allows you to get a personalised solution for your specific skin concerns, all in under 5 minutes. Our range of 3-in-1 multi-functional formulas to help cleanse, hydrate and condition your skin will get you well on your way. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on living intentionally. Do you set yourself life goals to work towards? Leave a comment below or sending a DM at @wearewo_uk.

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