How To Reduce Redness Of Spots

Why Do We Get Spots? 
Breakouts occur when pores get blocked by dirt or debris in the form of old skin cells that haven’t been removed. As the pore is blocked sebum gets trapped and builds up, causing a swollen spot.

Sebum production levels can change in response to fluctuating hormones, which may be a result of stress or can occur during the menstrual cycle or menopause in women.

Did you know that spots on different areas on the face may be caused by different factors? Finding out the root of your spots can help you treat them more effectively whether it’s through product or changes in your lifestyle, it’s always handy to know!

What Does Spots On Your Chin Mean?
The time of the month is the main source of chin spots. The menstrual cycle causes hormonal changes and knowing your regular cycle can be useful to know when to prepare for these fluctuations. According to Healthline, hormones surge a week before your period or when switching/starting birth control.

Spots On Cheek And Jawline…
What do they mean? Your phone carries a lot of bacteria and when you hold it against your face, the bacteria can spread to the skin causing cheek spots. It’s the same process for pillowcases or having a habit of always touching the face. Keeping your phone clean and frequently changing your pillowcases (at least once a week!) can help prevent this. 

Jawline spots can also be caused by hormonal changes, but your diet also plays a role here. Dairy, processed foods and sugars are known to be a cause of these spots. Trial and error is what works best here, try keeping a food diary to see what works/ doesn’t work for you. 

This portion of the face can be easily missed when cleansing, make sure you reach every area, all the way down to the neck as this may be a cause of jawline spots.

Reduce Spot Redness
Leave it alone! Picking at the skin will irritate it, causing it to become red and inflamed. Applying a cold press to the skin will help ease this and calm the area down. Use an ice cube or cold flannel, hold it on the spot for 10 minutes to reduce swelling and redness. 

Gain back control of your skin…
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