How To Minimize Pores Naturally: 5 Tips

Noticeable and enlarged pores are a common skin concern, annoyingly they often mean more blemishes, breakouts and blackheads as dirt gets more easily clogged in them. Managing enlarged pores is much easier with the right understanding and products to improve the firmness of the skin in the long term. Keep reading to discover 5 essential ways on how to minimize pores. 

There are 2 types of pores, one which releases the body’s natural oil, sebum and one which releases sweat. The oil releasing pore can become enlarged and noticeable. Although you can’t actually reduce the size of pores, there are ways that you can make them appear smaller and prevent them expanding. 

What Causes Noticeable, Enlarged Pores? 

Usually pores are genetically determined (so thank or blame your ancestors for this one!), but there are other factors which can affect the visibility of our pores. Those with oilier skin are more likely to find their pores more noticeable due to the reflective effect of the skin’s surface. Older skin and those with less elasticity may also find more noticeable pores as the area around the pore develops a looser connective tissue, making them more obvious.

When oil, dirt and or makeup collects in the pore, it can become blocked and overtime, if not cleaned away, can become stretched and/or more noticeable. Get into the habit of a good skincare routine that cleanses and moisturises the skin thoroughly to help prevent this. 

Does size really matter?! Having more noticeable pores isn’t anything to worry about as usually it’s down to genetic makeup and the desired size is just an aesthetic preference! However, we recommend tending more to enlarged pores to keep the skin barrier nice and healthy, as these can sometimes indicate that the skin hasn’t been cleaned properly. The benefit? Healthy skin can help stop any further skin concerns from popping up. 

Now don’t go hating your family tree! Inheriting noticeable pores isn’t all bad; having large pores and more oil can counteract the effects of natural ageing, at least this gives you a little more time before having to worry about fine lines and wrinkles!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Use products that firm the skin
  • Cleanse dirt and debris 
  • Reduce skin surface shine
  • Moisturise the skin
  • Avoid UV rays 

A Deep Dive On How To Minimize Pores

1. Cleanse Morning And Night 
Whether it's sweat, air pollution or makeup, remove dirt and debris that has built up over the day to unblock pores. After cleansing, make sure to pat your face dry with a clean towel - otherwise you might rub bacteria straight back onto your skin. Our Daily Base™ cleanse, hydrate and condition all in one, take our Skin Diagnostic to find out which one is suited to your unique needs. 

2. Use A Cleanser That's Right For You 
Use an oil-free, water-based cleanser. Applying excess oil to already oily skin can create a shine and make pores more noticeable. A gel based cleanser is more suited to those with oily skin as they clear oil from the pore without leaving a greasy residue. If this is you, our lightweight Daily Base™ Aqua Gel is perfect for this. It contains the best ingredient combination for firming the skin whilst providing plump, lasting hydration. 

3. Moisturise Every Day 
The skin myth that if you have oily skin, you should skip a moisturiser in your skincare routine is a common misconception. Although this makes it tempting to cleanse and scrub your face until it feels squeaky and completely free from oil, over-cleansing will not improve your skin in the long-term. If anything, over-cleansing and avoiding a moisturiser may do more harm than good. You need a moisturiser to balance the skin and lock in hydration. 

4. Limit Sun Exposure 
Pores appear more prominent as a result of too much sun exposure. Prolonged sun exposure can limit collagen production and dehydrate the skin causing the pore to stretch. Top up your SPF (of at least factor 30) regularly throughout the day and cover up exposed skin as much as possible!

5. Always Remove Makeup 
Everyone knows it's a skincare crime to sleep in your makeup from the night before but yet so many people still do it! How bad can it really be? Well this is down to the job your skin has whilst you’re getting those ZZZ’s. Makeup traps all sorts which can cause irritation and clog pores. Your sleep time, for your skin, is work time, it sheds old skin cells and repairs itself but your makeup can inhibit this. Foundations and primers are often oil-based making them a big no to those with noticeable pores and if not cleansed away, can make your pores appear larger. Basically just remember to 1. do not sleep in your makeup and 2. switch out oil based products for water based ones. 

6. Tailored To Your Needs Skincare
If you have enlarged, noticeable pores, we have 4 products perfect for your needs. Our Daily Base™ Comfort Balm is 3 in 1 makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser smoothing enlarged pores. Our Power TonIQ™ Pore Refining Essence helps to improve skin texture and fitness by minimising and smoothing the look of pores. Our Power TonIQ™ Oil Control Essence balances sebum production and unblocks pores. Lastly, for a quick fix our Power TonIQ™ Instant Shine Control Essence immediately controls surface shine creating an ultra-soft mattified appearance. 

7. Healthy Habits
As always, living a healthy lifestyle will promote healthy skin. Eat a well balanced diet with healthy fats and proteins for a glow from within. Drink your recommended 2 litres of water per day to stay hydrated as this manifests itself in the skin. Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day but remember to wash away any sweat left on the skin to prevent clogging pores!

Take Back Control Of Your Skin

Although enlarged, noticeable pores can feel unavoidable at times, there are many ways you can make them appear smaller and draw attention away, when there’s a will there’s a way! Use your skincare to your advantage and make sure it's tailored to your needs. Take our Skin Diagnostic - firstly it will ask for your top 3 skin concerns so if one of yours is enlarged pores, make sure you tell it! Targeting your skin concerns directly is the most effective way to happy healthy skin. 

Author - Lily Scales

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