How To Have Less Oily Skin

Oily skin is due to the overproduction of sebum, changes in oil production can be as a result of fluctuating hormonal levels, change of season, your diet and lifestyle but also your genetic makeup. Stress levels also have an impact, the release of cortisol can increase how much sebum your sebaceous glands produce. A lot of us make the very common mistake of using overly harsh skincare for oily skin. This means we end up stripping our skin of its essential moisture and protection, sending our body the message to produce even more sebum - a recipe for breakouts and even more frustration. 

Getting rid of oily skin starts with acceptance, we all have imperfections, it’s about making our skin the healthiest it can be. Managing stress where you can, eating a balanced diet and using the right skincare for oily skin are just a few things that will make a difference. 

Skincare for Oily Skin 

As mentioned before - don’t strip your skin, don’t over do it. Create a simple step skincare routine that includes cleansing and moisturising twice daily. When looking for a cleanser for oily skin look to avoid soaps, products with alcohol and harsh chemicals, and harsh, abrasive exfoliants. Cleanser for oily skin should gently remove the build up of dirt and oil from the day and night without completely drying your skin out. You have probably googled what is the best moisturiser for oily skin only to be left with conflicting information. No matter your skin concerns, never skip this step. A rule of thumb is that the best moisturiser for oily skin should be water based where possible, lightweight and should replenish your skin’s natural moisture without feeling heavy and oily. 

Simple is best when it comes your skincare routine. That’s why we have created our 3 in 1 Multifunctional Daily Base™, replacing your makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser in just a few simple steps. Our Aqua Gel is perfect the perfect skincare for oily skin, with a lightweight and refreshing texture formulated with a unique H2O complex and plant actives it bursts into liquid when applied for lasting moisture. Our Daily Bases™ are formulated to keep your skin healthy and the best it has ever felt. For more targeted relief for skin concerns and goals such as getting rid of oily skin our Power TonIQ’s™ are the perfect match. Formulated with botanical Birch extract and Wooly Thistle Plant Cell Extract our Power TonIQ™ Oil Control Essence helps balance sebum production over time for a more refined complexion. If you are looking for an instant mattifying fix, the Power TonIQ™ Instant Shine Control Essence will give you the quick fix you need. 

At Wǒ we have something for everyone. To make sure you are using exactly what your skin is craving, get a deeper understanding by taking our Skin Diagnostic- developed by skin science experts and is accurate as a skin expert’s assessment*

*Study in collaboration with University of Bradford, UK

Author - Sara Poidevin-Hill

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