How To Cut The Cost But Double The Benefits

Cutting costs is now needed more than ever, with the cost of living soaring through the roof and with Christmas being just around the corner, we could all do with a little extra help with some ways to save ourselves some pennies. 

We have transformed our 3 in 1 Daily Base™ into much much more! Each of our 4 products in the range have found a new purpose to provide all round comfort to your body, head to toe! 

Our Double Duty Daily Base™ hacks will give you more for your money whilst saving you some time. Although many don’t see beauty cosmetics as a necessity, looking and feeling your best is. Why is skincare so important? Tackling your skin concerns inspires self-love and confidence, walk the streets with your chin up high! The skin is the body’s largest organ so you should care for it like any other! Compromising on your skincare is not in the question if you ask us! We have discovered many ways that our Daily Base™ range can be used so you don’t have to buy additional products. That way, you can maintain your skincare obsession and save some money at the same time, win, win! 

Daily Base™ Revive Oil

As a night mask 

Run out of your fave hair oil? No worries, use our Daily Base™ Revive Oil, simply add a dose to your hair before bed and let it work its magic over night. Infusing your hair with rich oils including Argan oil and Camellia oil, nourishing it with moisture. A real handy life-saver so you can wake up with healthy, hydrated locks

For the slick back look

We’ve all heard about the ‘clean girl aesthetic’, a social media craze involving slick back bun or ponytail hairstyle with minimal style clothing and jewellery. Use our Daily Base™ Revive Oil as an alternative to sticky gels which damage the hair. Get double the benefits and tame flyaways, smoothing and soothing as it goes. Wear your ‘clean girl’ trendy hairstyle all day whilst infusing your hair with moisture 

To tame frizz for silky, shiny locks

With our Daily Base™ Revive Oil, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day. Lock in moisture and make your hair more manageable for whatever life has planned for it. Run a small amount through the ends of your hair strands to tame frizz, fly aways and add shine. Treat yourself to instant relief to dry parched hair for an illuminated silky smooth look all day long. 

Daily Base™ Wonder Cream And Daily Base™ Comfort Balm

To relieve stubborn dry patches 

Care for your entire body, not just your face. Winter is creeping up fast, get ahead of the game and double up your Daily Base™ Wonder Cream or your Daily Base™ Comfort Balm as your trusty reliever to those stubborn dry patches. Cracked hands? Dry elbows? Tired feet? We’ve got your back. Cold, dry weather draws moisture not just out the environment, but also your skin. Treat yourself to a warm hug of long lasting hydration, wave goodbye to dry patches and hello to winter. 

Daily Base™ Aqua Gel

As your ‘Girls Night In’ face mask

Girls night in? Pamper night calling your name? Pay no more! Have double the fun for half the price. Simply add a dose of our Daily Base™ Aqua Gel to your face, gently massage into the skin and leave it to soak in overnight. A big burst of hydration that comes in little sizes - our Daily Base™ Aqua Gel is packaged in perfectly measured doses so you know the exact ideal amount for your skin, there’s no need to worry about overloading the skin! 


How you use these hacks is up to you, but these tips have come just in time, perfect for the winter season. So cosy up and get stuck in! We’d love to know your thoughts, comment below and tell us what one you tried. 

Author - Lily Scales

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