How Heat Impacts The Skin And Why Our Skin Diagnostic Is A Summer Essential

As the seasons change four times a year, it's no surprise your skin may fluctuate in response to this. One month you're rummaging the shelves for super hydrating moisturisers and the next you're desperate for blemish busting ingredients. Confusing, right?!

Our Skin Diagnostic Is Your Summer Essential

That’s where our Skin Diagnostic (Developed by skin experts*) comes into play to solve all your issues (well, your skin related ones!). Take our online Skin Diagnostic wherever, whenever, so when your environment changes you can keep up to date with your skin behaviours, oh and did we mention, its free! Take advantage of it! After you complete the questions, based on your answers it will recommend you products tailored to your needs.

You might be wondering what you do with your old product, don’t worry, our products can be ordered in as little as 2 weeks usage so there’s no big commitments. Also, our monodose format helps prevent its contents from losing efficacy so in 3 months, if you need them again, you can be confident it will still target your skin concerns effectively.

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How Does Heat Affect The Skin?

It is more humid in the warmer seasons, this makes the skin appear more oily. Oil flows more easily in hotter environments causing shine on the skin to become worse. If this sounds like you, you might want to take a peek at our Power TonIQ™ Oil Control Essence to tackle this.

UV exposure is also much higher in summer (yes, even in the UK and yes even when it's cloudy!). This can damage the outer layer of your skin making it appear dull and dry. Sun exposure causes the skin to lose elasticity increasing the appearance of wrinkles - In which case, let us introduce you to our Power TonIQ™ Wrinkle Fighting Essence which helps improve skin elasticity. Over time, repeated sun exposure leads to permanently red, blotchy skin. This uneven complexion may require our Power TonIQ™ Anti-Redness Essence to reduce redness and ease stressed out skin.

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Head over to our Skin Diagnostic now to discover your tailored-to-you skin solution for the hotter months. Keep your skin happy and healthy all year round!

*Study in collaboration with DHEZ, University of Bradford, UK

Author - Lily Scales

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