How Does Colour Affect My Mind And Mood?

Feeling blue? You’re not alone.

The colours we surround ourselves by directly impact our mood, prioritising our mind is essential during times of stress and in recent times this has been more important than ever. 

How colour might impact you

  • "Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions" - Pablo Picasso. Different colours say a lot about a person’s personality, whether it’s what they choose to wear or just those they are attracted too, colour is always having an impact even if you are unaware of it. 

  • A person’s past experiences also impact mood, for example, the colour red might take you back to a time where you received a bad test covered in red ink! Seeing red again may take you back to the same feeling that was felt at that time. 

  • Colour is also a form of self-expression; artists use colour to create masterpieces which each tell their own stories enlightening the viewer on aspects of their personalities. 

  • Colour helps to show the needs of a person for example if someone is wearing red, they may feel alert and aware in comparison to a person wearing blue, who may feel calm and relaxed. 

  • If you find yourself being drawn to wearing yellow you might find you are a happy person, this colour also draws attention from others which could show you are confident and more self-assured. 

Using colour to improve the mind – Follow these small tips in order to use colour to improve the mind during stressful situations. 

  • Invest in multi-coloured lights for the living room or bedroom to direct the energy you desire; a blue tone will create calm vibes whereas orange tones are livelier and more energetic. 
  • Wear colours you have had positive experiences in, like an outfit you wore on a summery day out you enjoyed bringing back the happy memories of that day. 

  • Colour therapy is another way to lift the spirits, it helps balance the chakras. Each colour has its own energies and colours with different meanings. Opening them will make different areas of your mind and body feel clean and relaxed. To learn about opening the chakras take a look at ‘The Little Book of Chakras’ by Patricia Mercier to help enhance your life. Or if you feel colouring books would relax you take a look at Color Therapy: An Anti-Stress Coloring Book by Richard MerrittCindy Wilde, Laura-Kate Chapman.

The way colour impacts you as a person and the way it can lift your mood is subjective to each person as it depends on their situation and past experiences. Take time to think through how colour has impacted your life to find suitable ways to use it to improve mood and reduce stress. This form of emotional repairing in turn directly will positively impact your physical health including your skin. Take our Skin Diagnostic to find out what your skin needs as this depends on many factors, including the levels of stress you endure day to day.

Author: Lily Scales

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