How Do I Know What Skin Type I Have?

“What skin type am I?” – The most frequently asked question in skincare. 

This sparks up a big debate in skincare but we are here to simplify the concept that you are not just a skin type. This old fashioned view that we have one skin type for the entirety of our lives is outdated. With 7 billion people on this earth, all living completely different lives, we cannot just fit into four simple skin type categories! 

How to tell your skin type

Your skin changes with your overall health, lifestyle and environment and so will your skin behaviours, concerns and goals. The proof is in the pudding, being reactive to these changes is the key for healthy skin. 

But how do we know how these changes impact our skincare routines?

Spotlight moment for our Skin Diagnostic… the work is done for you. No need for guessing games, we provide you with full skincare clarity. This is not your basic ‘what is my skin type quiz’, our Skin Diagnostic considers your DNA, lifestyle and environment and much more. Your skin scores will be analysed to recommend you a skincare solution tailored to your needs: 

  • Your recommended Daily Base™ will maintain your skin health everyday, it replaces your daily makeup remover, cleanser and moisturiser (Yes that’s 3 steps in 1!) Then, only if needed, your Power TonIQ™ will provide targeted relief to troublesome areas for happy stress free skin.

Wherever, whenever, our Skin Diagnostic takes less than 5 minutes to complete on the go or at home, giving you the flexibility so you can adjust your routine when necessary. And thanks to our mono-dose product format, no product is wasted when you need to switch up!

Skincare transparency   

Taking a skincare test like our diagnostic will help you feel reassured that your skin is in good hands. You and the only you on this earth and so is your skin. Embrace your individual characteristics, it’s what makes you unique and is what makes us unique. 

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