How Different Countries Experience Summer

Warm weather, blue skies, and nature in full force are the many signs that summer has fully arrived, especially in England. We are so accustomed to these seasons' changes that it feels like the natural course of life, but how do different countries experience summer?

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Since Southeast Asian countries sit on or near the equator, their seasons vary very differently than those in the western hemisphere. In England, we would get spring, summer, autumn, and winter- in Indonesia, due to it being a tropical country, you would get just two seasons: wet and dry. The consistent weather of about 30℃ allows for incredible agricultural growth leading to bountiful fresh produce of fruits, vegetables, and seafood. The vast tropical rainforests spread across the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia supply a large amount of oxygen for the country and the entire world through photosynthesis.

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Although often associated with sunny beaches, vast landscapes, and exotic animals, Australia actually experiences winter in the middle of the year whereas western countries would experience summer. Their winter might not be as icy as we experience in England, but due to Australia being located relatively near Indonesia, when their winter approaches between the months of June and August, Indonesia experiences a lovely cool breeze!

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Great Skincare, No Matter The Weather

Wherever you decide to travel this summer, there is one thing that you need: great skincare. And any great skincare should be flexible to your skin concerns, the environmental stressors around you, yet kind to the planet and its resources - and that is Wǒ. Simple yet powerful, with just a two-step skincare routine that is 100% tailored to you through our Skin Diagnostic algorithm. Using a monodose format, most of our packaging is made of 80% recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is then 100% recyclable after use, you get fresh skincare every time allowing the highest efficacy to tackle any skin concerns you face this summer.

Author - Grace Marlene

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