Gen Z Rejection Of Sexiness

Gen Z have redefined what sexiness means to them, they no longer strive for perfection and beauty expectations that have been upheld in the media for so long. This generation continue to push a counter movement towards body acceptance and individuality empowering people to feel confident.

Generation Z symbol in glitter

People feel more empowered through creating their own content on platforms like Instagram and Tick Tok, inspired by real, authentic representation, that is unedited and raw. This is being driven through the body acceptance, period positivity and skin positivity movements and accounts online. They understand that self-worth and sense of self do not lie in appearance and that the true meaning of sexiness runs much deeper than physical attributes.


For Gen Z, sexiness is about being unapologetically yourself and expressing this however you see fit- the perception of others is becoming less and less relevant.  

Sexiness has taken a new meaning and way of life, its different to everyone! It depends on your values, strengths, weaknesses. It’s about what you have experienced in life and what you aim to be. Let’s take a look at what sexiness means for the team at Wǒ…

Sara’s perception:

For me sexiness encompasses a whole entity: your values, intelligence, life experience, the way you carry yourself and accepting the way that you are and owning it. I think it is a mentality rather than an aesthetic that may or may not fit into an ideal which is unrealistic and outdated.

It should come from within rather than as a result of being validated by others. It is a celebration of you as an individual and feeling comfortable and empowered to express yourself without worrying about other people’s judgement.

Lily’s perception

Being sexy is subjective, everyone has their own meaning, it is unique to the individual’s own perception of it. Personally, being sexy entails every part of you, it’s your nature and nurture. Being curious, being real and being yourself. Sexiness is feeling comfortable in your own skin, being excited and not afraid to show off what you’ve got. Openly feeling empowered and confident, it’s about what’s inside, your personality, mind and feelings.

Being sexy is something we should be proud of, blocking any negative views on what others may shame you for. Embracing your own perception is what’s most important, your internal glow will then show on the outside.

Identity inspiration

If you want to get inspired about your identity, read ‘Women don’t owe you pretty – Florence Given to discover more about your self-worth and what prettiness and femininity means today.

Here at Wǒ we want to empower our community to feel good on the inside and out. We embrace unique, we believe in being perfectly imperfect, so let’s start to be proud of it!

Take our Skin Diagnostic to discover the Wǒ in you. Spread the love, let us know what makes you feel sexy, tell us in the comments below or start the conversation with a friend.


Author – Lily Scales / Sara Poidevin-Hill

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