Dry, tight skin on your face? Try these 7 tips

Do you get dry, tight skin on your face? Whether it's something you experience due to genetics, your lifestyle or because of environmental conditions, it's likely that rough, flaky skin is no stranger to you. 

Why Does My Skin Feel Dry And Tight?

Environmental Causes

We are now fully feeling the effects of Autumn with cosy nights in and colder weather. However, dry, cold environments draw moisture away from the skin and harsh winds can leave your skin struggling to cling onto hydration, this, along with the increased use of central heating which dries up the air, causing the skin to lose moisture. 

On the other hand, UV exposure, particularly in the hotter months of the UK is much higher; UV rays damage the outer layer of the skin making it appear dry and can often lead to long term damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. 


Lifestyle Causes

We’re all culprits of turning the shower to boiling hot when outside feels freezing cold but this can strip the skin of its natural oils, amplifying your dry skin even more. 

Could your skincare be the cause of the dry tight skin on your face? Using the wrong skincare products is a common mistake. Shout out to harsh cleansers which make the skin feel so dry, it squeaks! Ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, alcohols and additives strip the skin of its natural oils making it feel dry and tight. Sometimes when this happens, your skin will overcompensate by producing excess oil which can clog pores and lead to breakouts. 

We’re all for letting loose every once in a while but it's always good to know the impact drinking alcohol might have on your skin. Drinking alcohol dehydrates your whole body including your skin whilst inhibiting the absorption of vitamins and minerals, specifically Vitamin B6 which plays a role in the skin’s moisture levels. Make sure you’re having a few sips of water whilst drinking your alcoholic drink to help replenish your body’s moisture levels - say goodbye to that infamous headache the next morning! 

This one might be seen as ironic! When the skin is in contact with water for long periods of time (such as swimming), the water can break down the skin's natural protective barrier, causing your skin to feel dry and tight. 

Struggling to get a good night's sleep? This could be contributing to your dry skin; the skin sheds cells and repairs itself when we sleep and a lack of means this is disrupted. Your skin might not be able to hydrate itself and produce new collagen properly.

Here Are 7 Tips And Tricks For Hydrated Supple Skin

  1. The most obvious one - stay hydrated: it’s often forgotten that the skin is the body’s largest organ, this means we must look after it like any other! How you feel on the inside manifests itself in your skin and being hydrated can give you that glow from within appearance. Aim to drink 2 litres of water a day to give your skin cells the nutrients it needs for healthy, replenished skin. 

  2. Find a deeply hydrating moisturiser: Our 3 in 1 Daily Base™ Revive Oil is empowered with a blend of six precious oils and plant extracts, to bring instant skin relief to dry parched, stressed out skin. Added Ceramides protect against daily stresses and help to strengthen the skin barrier, promoting a healthy radiant complexion.

  3. Tailored to you skincare: Using skincare which directly targets your skin concerns is the most effective way to healthy skin. Our free Skin Diagnostic is a set of questions based on your heritage, skin reactivity, lifestyle and environment. Initially it will ask what your top 3 skin concerns are, so if you’re experiencing dry, tight skin make sure to let it know! It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and then based on your answers, it will recommend you your tailored to you skincare routine. You may be recommended our Power TonIQ™ Intense Hydrating Essence which provides instant, long lasting hydration, comfort and relief to thirsty skin.

  4. Use a gentle cleanser: If you struggle with dry, tight skin, make sure you’re using a cleanser which is right for your needs. Our 3 in 1 Daily Base™ Wonder Cream is formulated specifically for tight skin. It’s perfectly balanced to hydrate and cleanse as it goes, combining the best of butter, balm, gel and cream all in one. Secondly, our 3 in 1 Daily Base™ Revive Oil is the perfect cleanser that gently cleanses but does a good job! It leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated.

  5. Turn down the heat: Try to turn down the temperature of your showers, we’re not asking you to shower in the freezing cold during winter but just bring it down a notch. Or you can reduce the amount of time you spend in them, this will also help the effects of overexposure to water!

  6. Protective clothing: During Winter, cover up exposed skin to protect it from harsh winds and cold weather, use a scarf and wrap it up high around your face and use a hat for your forehead. Although, be careful of scratchy fabrics that can irritate the skin!

  7. Invest in a humidifier: Adding moisture to the air during the colder months will help stop your skin from drying out by pulling moisture back into the air.

The Key Takeaway 

If dry skin is knocking your confidence, you don’t need to just put up with it, feel assured there are so many ways you can achieve hydrated, healthy, supple skin. Keep in mind that there are lifestyle changes you can make as well as ways to combat the environmental causes of dry, tight skin. Be consistent to see the long term benefits and stay on top of your skin health using our Skin Diagnostic.

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