Don’t Sweat It! We’ve Worked It Out: Skincare For Swimmers

Sweating is a natural body response that helps cool the skin when exercising; if you have a fever or are nervous, regulate the body temperature.

Do We Sweat When We Swim?

Absolutely! If you’re working hard, you will sweat no matter where you are. However, because the water cools your body, you will sweat less than other high-intensity activities on land. Also, water can wash the sweat away quickly, meaning sweating can often go unnoticed.

skincare for swimmers

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising And Sweating?

Keeping active is vital for relieving stress as it gets your heart pumping faster, which then stimulates oxygen flow and helps to boost serotonin. This has mood-boosting effects on mental wellbeing as it helps balance stress, one of the main causes of breakouts.

Stress can cause an increase in the production of adrenaline and cortisol, leading to the overproduction of oil. This inevitably contributes to skin blemishes, blocked pores and unwanted oiliness. Reducing the negative effects of stress will also help prevent fine lines and wrinkles - think ‘happy mind, happy skin’. Stress can cause changes in your skin and reduce its elasticity which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. It also may lead you to furrow your brow which can also cause wrinkles in this area.

The water hydrates the skin when you sweat, while the salt naturally exfoliates it. This helps to release bacteria and oil onto the skin surface.

skincare for swimmers

However, Sweat Is Not Always Good For The Skin

Due to sweat releasing bacteria and oil onto the skin surface, if it’s not washed away and cleansed properly, when it is sat on the skin for too long, it can clog pores, causing blemishes and breakouts.

Chlorine and saltwater can harm the skin; it can cause it to feel dry and tight, disturbing the skin barrier and stripping it of its natural oils. Make sure you thoroughly cleanse the skin to remove these and stay hydrated by moisturising using our 3 in 1 Daily Base™ and drinking lots of water.

What Came First, The Skincare Or The Workout?

Begin your workout with properly cleansed skin to remove dirt and debris and allow it to breathe freely. This will prevent irritation during exercise. After exercise, rewash your face to remove salt, chlorine, oil, and bacteria to prevent breakouts and blemishes. We recommend using a 3 in 1 Daily Base™ because:

  • Our 3 in 1 format means you have fewer products to carry around - skincare can be heavy!
  • It saves you money. You buy 1 product instead of 3.
  • Reduces fuss and confusion. Just 1 product is used for cleansing, removing makeup and moisturising
  • Our monodose format is so tiny and portable, making it great for popping in your wash bag to take down to the pool with you.

Daily base skincare for swimmers

Apply the rest of your skincare routine after exercise so it doesn’t get washed off and can be more easily absorbed with the maximum time to work wonders. Use our Skin Diagnostic to ensure your skincare is right for your unique needs. Your lifestyle and environment impact your skin and if you swim regularly, you’ll need to make sure your skincare reflects the effect this can have.

Answer just a few questions surrounding your lifestyle, environment, heritage and much more, and we will recommend a solution just for you. We understand your time is precious; it takes less than 5 mins and just think about all the time you’ll save from trying to find a routine that works for you and the way you live.

Our Top Swimming Tips

As the days get warmer, open water swimming is becoming more popular. Ensure you keep on top of your SPF to prevent sun damage which can cause fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.

Use a freshly washed towel every time you workout and sweat. Dabbing your skin with a clean towel will prevent bacteria from being transferred onto your skin.

Public pools are the perfect host for bacteria. So try to keep any equipment or belongings clean before use while also washing your hands, body and face afterwards. Did you know we touch our faces 16 times per hour? Do your best to keep things clean to avoid bacteria getting onto the skin.

Take your skincare out with you. The sooner you apply your skincare after swimming, the sooner it'll work and do its job. Our monodose format is so lightweight you’ll barely even realise you have it with you!


Author - Lily Scales

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