How To Reduce Your Plastic Usage This Summer

As summertime comes around, it becomes the perfect opportunity to gather some friends and family around for barbecues, parties, or picnics and enjoy the sunny weather with some good food and great company. But unfortunately for the planet, this often creates a surge of waste from single use plastics in cups, plates, and straws. According to an article from the World Wildlife Fund, during the summer, tourists can cause a shocking spike of almost 40% in marine litter. It’s easy to get carried away in the moment for convenience or cost, but the reality is that everything we use has a waste factor tied to it, and it is our responsibility to care for this planet to the best of our abilities. So how are some ways we can help ditch the throwaway culture this summer?

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Disposable Plates And Cutleries

Single use plastic in party plates and cutleries can create excess amounts of waste, instead try encouraging each guest to bring their own plate and cutlery from home for the event, you can even turn this into a game and ask guests to bring a plate that represents them the most, and let each other guess who it belongs to. If this is not possible, then encourage them to use biodegradable plates instead that can be recycled after use.


For some individuals, straws are necessary for various medical reasons to make drinking easier or avoid choking. For this reason, why not consider using a reusable metal straw that can be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene but can last for years, allowing a more sustainable alternative.

Less Packaging

In some shops you can purchase loose fruits and vegetables and use your own produce pouch or to simply add directly on the scale to avoid plastic liners found in multipack fruit or vegetable containers. Don’t forget to rinse and wash your produce at home to wash off bacteria and pesticides.

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Being Mindful

Sometimes the easiest ways to make a positive change are in the little steps, like being mindful of the nature surrounding the area you are using and cleaning up after yourself to avoid waste being littered into the environment.


Wherever you end up travelling this summer, whether that is inside or outside of the United Kingdom, it is important to keep these tips in mind- because no matter which country we’re in, this planet is still our home and it is important to consider the ways we can create positive change, and most times the best changes are the easy steps we take in our day to day lives.

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The issue with some recycling found in food packaging is that the symbols can be very confusing, and requires a level of awareness or education to understand how to properly pull apart the packaging to make it recyclable. Here at Wǒ we are passionate about sustainability, which is why 100% of our packaging is recyclable and is created from 80% recycled PET. Which means you don’t need to pull anything apart to successfully recycle the product after use, simply put it in your recycling bin and the job is done!

Our Travel Skin Sets become the perfect travel partner allowing a simple, yet powerful skincare solution that you can take with you this summer that you know is kind to the environment. And the best part is that they are currently 20% off, see the convenience and skin transformation for yourself this summer!

Author - Grace Marlene

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