Demystifying Skincare Ingredients

Even we have to admit it -  skincare can become quite overwhelming especially when the ingredients list is full of terms you may not be familiar with...

Understanding skincare ingredients means you can get to know the best skincare ingredients that work for you and your skin goals.

Getting to know skincare ingredients and their properties, empowers you to make informed decisions of what to buy and what not to buy and so using a skincare ingredient checker can be super helpful in distinguishing whether a product may cause more harm than good for your skin.

An ingredients glossary or skincare ingredient checker could be especially useful if you have sensitive and reactive skin, where your skin may take longer to get used to some ingredients. 

Taking an interest in skincare ingredients is super important, it's about much more than the brand name or the pretty packaging. As a part of our community, we want to give you as much control over your skin as possible, and with that comes education and transparency.

This is why we have created a Glossary, with top highlights of our skincare ingredients - our very own skincare ingredient finder. Although we know that our Skin Diagnostic is as accurate as a skin expert’s assessment* in providing you with the correct solution, it’s always helpful to find out a little more about our innovative formulations. Understanding the why behind skincare is just as important as sticking to a consistent skincare routine. 

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Author - Sara Poidevin-Hill

*Study in collaboration with university of Bradford

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