Debunking 5 Skincare Myths

Debunking 5 skincare myths 

It can be difficult to distinguish a buzz word from a fact these days. Wherever you go for your skincare advice, inaccurate information is on the rise, making it hard to know who or what to trust (ever heard that moisturiser is only for dry skin? You guessed it, that’s false!). Supported by skin experts, at  we want to provide you with facts you can rely on. Remember knowledge is power, it’s time to gain back clarity when it comes to skincare.

Let’s clear the air: 5 skincare myths and facts

#1 Only light skin tones need SPF

On contrary to this misconception, the melanin in darker skin tone can only protect some UV damage and therefore will still burn. Healthline call this the SPF knowledge gap. This means all skin tones are vulnerable to sun damage including wrinkles and fine lines. 

#2 Only dry skin needs moisturiser

Skin oil is not skin hydration. Without moisture the appearance and functions of the skin are compromised. Dehydration can result in dry flaky skin and can emphasise fine lines and wrinkles. Read our The Importance Of Moisturising Whether You Have Dry Or Oily Skin to find out more!

#3 You must shop for skincare by your age category 

Why is it when you’re 40, you buy skincare targeted to that age group? Does that mean when you’re 39 you can’t? Age is not a skin concern! The truth is that shopping by age will not address your unique skin concerns but seeking products that target your particular skin concerns will help you achieve skin health. 

#4 Tingling means its working

This feeling means something is irritating your skin and can cause inflammation. Some ingredients can potentially damage the skin’s healing response or weaken skin's natural barrier whilst increasing the growth of bacteria, resulting in breakouts or blemishes. 

#5 Toothpaste treats breakouts 

Despite the fact that toothpaste contains drying ingredients, it will only irritate the skin. According to Healthline, toothpaste can do more harm than good! The strength of the chemicals in toothpaste are not meant for the skin as it is much more sensitive than your teeth.

Now that you can be certain about your skincare musts, tips and tricks, start to put your knowledge to good use! Don’t want to take our word for it? Test our theories for yourself with our Springtime Sampling offer.

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