"Can I Use My Girlfriend’s Skincare?” Secretly Said Every Man, Everywhere!

Gotten a bit too close with your partner whilst quarantining this past year? We love a healthy relationship so don’t worry, we’re just here to debate if you can or cannot share your skincare.

Well it’s not you it’s the marketing! Skincare has always relied on feminine and masculine associations to sell. Products targeted towards females covered in pinky florals with fancy names, whereas ‘male’ skincare strictly use macho dark colours. However, now we’re starting to see a shift towards unisex beauty, because surely skin is skin? Blurring the lines is now the way forward as men are increasingly understanding the necessity of caring for their skin. 

Is there a difference between male and female skin? 

  • A man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s due to the effects of testosterone
  • Sebum production in a man is higher, explaining why acne is longer lasting in men
  • Men also have a higher collagen density than women. So, sorry ladies! but this explains why women show more early signs of premature ageing 

It’s time to settle the debate : Your partner CAN sneak into your skincare draw!

Watching your boyfriend roughly scrub their skin with a towel can be a painful sight, it’s time to slyly convert them to the good side, as we all know, they won’t regret it!

Men, it’s time for an upgrade.

Although it is true that a man’s skin differs from a woman’s, different ingredients will work for different skin regardless of your gender. Ask yourself what you want to gain from a product, then seek ingredients that target this concern. The skin has core needs which include cleansing, hydrating and nourishing, these are elements that all genders encounter and must take care of. Skincare should be tailored to your own skin as it is unique and ever changing. Seeking products that suit you is the key to approaching skincare. 

So does Wǒ work for men too? Of course! It's great for men because it's so simple! Don’t believe us? Try for yourself with our Samples and before you know you’ll be pamper night-ing it up every Friday with them.

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