Can I Apply Sunscreen After Moisturiser?

There's a burning question we seem to ask ourselves every time we reach for our daily SPF... When should you apply sunscreen in your skincare routine?

SPF should be an integral component in everyone’s skincare routine, we should all be using sunscreen daily no matter the weather forecast. You should apply it after moisturising, and there is a simple reason for this because applying product on top of your SPF can make it less effective in protecting you and your skin.

Don’t be tempted to mix your moisturiser with your SPF, you may think you're saving time but this will also hinder its ability to protect you by diluting the product. 

We recommend buying a stand alone SPF 30-50 sunscreen for full proof protection and applying it 15-30 minutes before going outdoors. Take other measures such as avoiding peak times from 10am-4pm when the sun rays are at their strongest and reapply sunscreen according to instructions if in direct sunlight for a long period of time. 

So let's recap. When should you apply sunscreen in your skincare routine

Why is SPF so important?

Using sunscreen daily is vital all year round, not just on your summer holiday. As much as getting a tan is a sign of coming back from a lovely break abroad, good health and ‘glowing complexion’, we are effectively showing off damaged skin! The sun helps us produce Vitamin D which is essential for our health and wellbeing but unfortunately it's UV light also damages our skin, causing premature skin ageing and increases our risk of developing skin cancer.  It is all about balance, enjoying the sun, and keeping ourselves healthy but also safe. Even 20 minutes of unprotected exposure can add up over the years, whether you are in the shade, indoors or not UV rays can pass through windows and still cause damage. This is why using sunscreen daily is so important. It is also one the best ways to prevent wrinkles and premature ageing, start young, you will never look back and your older self will thank you for it. Sunscreen products will also have moisturising benefits, so doubling up on your glow and skin health is just another bonus of including SPF in your skincare routine.

The sun does not discriminate

A common misconception is that darker skin tones don’t need to wear sunscreen. This could not be further from the truth. Lighter skin tones are at more risk of sunburn than darker skin tones so why is SPF so important for all? A higher level of melatonin present in dark skin tones does offer some protection from the sun, however it is still vulnerable to sun damage, spots, wrinkles and developing skin cancer. A study showed that dark skinned people are actually more at risk of dying from skin cancer because of this misconception. They are less likely to take precautions such as SPF and less inclined to get checked. meaning often the skin cancer is diagnosed too late. When it comes to skincare, we must involve everyone in the open conversation and this is at the core of what we stand for here at Wǒ.


So as the days are getting longer and the sun is greeting us with some much needed light and positivity, don't forget your SPF.  #besunaware and read our post on "How Sun Aware Are You? 5 Tips On Prevention And Detection Of Skin Cancer" here.

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Sara Poidevin-Hill

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