Building A Body Positive Routine This Summer

Summer feels like it’s right around the corner these days, and soon we'll be enjoying time off, potentially going on holiday, and soaking up the sunshine. But maybe for some of us, the warmer weather makes us feel just the slightest bit of dread as that can also mean it’s bikinis, crop tops, and shorts weather too. It is totally normal to be feeling this way, and especially so if you have struggled with body image issues in the past. This change in environment can feel a bit overwhelming, which is why today we are going to be sharing some tips and tricks about how you can build a body positive routine this summer.


Speaking kind truths to yourself is incredibly powerful to build a better relationship with yourself and your body. Someone once asked me “Would you say this to someone you loved?” And since then that has helped keep a benchmark of the type of things I should say to myself, and to build myself up rather than tear myself down. Although it might feel a bit silly at first, these words act like fuel, slowly building up your confidence and allowing you to feel your very best. A helpful trick is to stick post-it notes near your mirror of kind words so you can read them as you get dressed every morning- what a way to start the day!

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Self Care

It is so important to take care of yourself even in the summertime whether that's allowing yourself to take a rest day, getting your nails done, doing your skincare routine, or spending time with a good friend. Doing even the little things that make you feel happy and rested will be incredibly beneficial to take care of our mental health in the summer.


When summer rolls around, so do the diet fads and “summer body” workouts, and suddenly there is this insane amount of pressure to lose weight or look a certain way in a matter of weeks that really only benefits the $71 billion global diet industry. Instead, this year try focusing on doing activities that make you feel good. Maybe that’s a walk around the park during sunset, a fun game of rounders with friends, or some open lake swimming. All these things will still allow your body the healthy boost of endorphins through being active, without compromising towards an unhealthy mindset or unsustainable workout and diet regime.


If you are anything like me, then you will have a bag full of clothes dedicated to the warmer days filled with: flowing silhouettes, colourful prints, and soft delicate material. It’s important to find summer clothing that you feel especially confident in, even if that means it isn't as traditionally conventional. Part of the joy in this journey of self discovery is figuring out what makes you feel good and then getting creative with that. It might be that you prefer backless tops over cropped tops, or high waisted bikini bottoms over low waisted ones, or perhaps maxi dresses with slits over playsuits. Whatever you end up choosing, choose it for you!

body positivity

Social Media

What we absorb from our feed on social media can affect how we see ourselves in either a positive or negative way, which is why it is important to remember to filter out what gets to be displayed. A helpful tip is to hit the mute button on any account that does not bring you joy (yes, you can Marie Kondo your social media too just like your living room). This allows you to remain a “follower” of that account without having to see the user’s stories or posts or both!

Healthy Habits

And last but definitely not least, it is to establish and prioritise healthy habits that work. Anything from drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, using SPF everyday, or even chatting through these things we mentioned with a trusted friend, build habits that create positive outcomes to make you feel your best and most gorgeous self this summertime.

Happy Skin

Our bodies and our emotions are interlinked in so many different ways, and sometimes the stress that we feel, can manifest into the skin leading to breakouts on our skin. Our skincare needs to be tailored to your individual and unique needs yet still convenient to our busy schedules. This is why our Skin Diagnostic takes factors such as stress, lifestyle, and even our ethnic background to find the perfect two-step skin routine that works to solve your skin concerns.

Author - Grace Marlene

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