A Lesson On How To Master Your Skincare Routine At Home

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like your skincare routine isn’t working for you. Purchasing multiple products just to find they are not making a difference to your skin, or maybe it’s that you just don’t know what to realistically expect or what order to apply the products in.

Your skin is constantly changing, whether it’s what you eat, drink, what season it is or the time of the month; your skin is unique to you and taking care of its changes over time is what is most important. Ensure you use the correct techniques to master a routine will crush the frustrations you are experiencing.

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Best skin care routine steps

  • Be realistic: It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of skincare, and using a product once and expecting it to create miracles might be slightly optimistic. It’s important to have realistic expectations to prevent yourself from feeling disheartened.
  • Consistency: Having a consistent routine is crucial. Making sure you are persistent with your skincare will enable your skin to settle with the product used. Some products need to be used twice a day whereas others should be used once a day or even weekly.
  • Individuality: Everyone’s skin is different and always changing. Your skin’s reactivity is personal to you and will change depending on your surroundings, testing a trying new products is the way to find out what works for you. Take our Skin Diagnostic for quick and easy way to find out what product is best for you.

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Skin care tips

  • 13 Dots: Dr Bunting’s technique is to dot the product over specific areas of your face to make sure you get an even spread. Apply three dots on the forehead, three on each cheekbone, one dot either side of the nose and one on the chin.
  • Washcloth: Use a clean cotton cloth or muslin cloth to gently cleanse the skin, using a clean cloth everyday will prevent any bacteria from getting into your skin, resulting in clearer and smoother skin.
  • Thin to thick: A general rule to help you remember the order of applying your skincare products is to apply the thinnest product first then build up to the thickest. This is because they can penetrate the thinner textures and reach your skin.
  • Always wash your hand: Use a soft cleanser to wash your hands before cleansing your face to avoid bacteria getting on your skin. Then gently massage the facial cleanser into your skin, rinse with water if preferred and pat dry with a clean towel. This will set you up feeling fresh for the day or night ahead.
  • Eat and drink: What you eat and drink will impact your skin, your skincare routine could be flawless but if you are carelessly eating and drinking, you shouldn’t expect anything back from your skin! The number one skincare rule is to hydrate. Drink lots of water throughout the day to give yourself that desired glow.
  • Don’t neglect the neck: The biggest skincare mistake is forgetting to moisturise the neck as part of a routine. As you age the neck becomes wrinkly and can start to sag, to avoid this ensure you carry your skincare routine right down to the neck, be careful to be gentle and don’t pull downwards as the area is sensitive.

Follow our most valued techniques to achieve a flawless face and remember not to expect instant results as your skin is always changing and adapting to your habits. Take our Skin Diagnostic to learn more about your unique skin. 

Author – Lily Scales

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