A Bit Of Me Time – The Positives Of Being Alone

What do we mean by being alone?

Being alone is often confused with loneliness- they are not the same thing. Whilst loneliness is associated with feelings of sadness and isolation this is quite different to choosing to spend some time alone and self-reflect. This can actually have numerous positive impacts on our wellbeing and productivity, leaving us refreshed and refocused.

Alone in the desert

There is no shame in taking a little breather

Enjoying time in your own company should be more normalised. It’s a healthy way of recharging our social batteries and giving our minds some downtime. Now that we live in an increasingly digital world it is  only natural to feel overwhelmed by being constantly connected. So, it is more important than ever to reset and be by ourselves (for bit – not forever!). Look at as a way of practicing a little bit of self-care, do things by yourself for yourself…

No more stigma-  What are the benefits of being alone?

  • Refocusing your energy inwards, allows for a some self-reflection and goal setting
  • Letting your body and mind rest gives you the chance to just be – something we rarely get round to
  • Downtime makes you more productive in the long run, being alone with your own thoughts can also improve your productivity and give you headspace for creative thinking
  • An improved sense of self – get a deeper understanding of your mind and body by reconnecting
  • The more we get used to spending time alone the more we feel comfortable in ourselves – get that boost in confidence and self-assurance you need.
  • You will notice that it improves your relationships, making sure you are independent will help you form healthier and more meaningful connections with others.
  • Overall it will improve your mental state and sense of self,  thanks to a balanced outlook you will feel happier and less stressed.

sitting alone by a lake and moutains

So how can I make the most of my time alone?

As mentioned above it is a great way to improve your wellbeing and practicing self-care

This could be in the form of:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Skincare
  • Exercising
  • Or,writing a self- reflection diary
  • Healthy mind and healthy skin

A skin care ritual is a great way of reconnecting with you and your body, a bit of self-love can go a long way. That is why at Wǒ we feel that caring for your skin is like caring for your soul.  It contributes to a sense of well-being. 

Wo skincare - diagnostic and product

Taking our Skin Diagnostic  is the start of your journey towards getting a deeper understanding of you and your skin.

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Author – Sara Poidevin-Hill

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