5 Money Saving Beauty Hacks

Is the rising cost of living leaving you skimping in the strangest areas of life? Cancelling that haircut you’ve had booked for months and buying own-brand tea bags rather than PG tips? Every Brits nightmare! 

And although we all still want to look and feel our best, the average female spends €448 on cosmetic products per year in the UK and the cost of living going through the roof, we thought up some tips and tricks to help you save. And don’t worry, you don’t have to cut any corners on your sneaky beauty obsession with our hacks!

  • Invest In Multi-Functional Products

  • What’s better than getting multiple products for the price of one? Whether these are 3 in 1 products or DIY hacks to use your products for a completely different purpose, we are here for it. Not sure where to find these? Our Daily Base™ are 3 in 1, cleansing, hydrating and conditioning in one step. They replace your make-up remover, cleanser and moisturiser.

  • Buy Only What You Really Need With Tailored Skincare

  • Say goodbye to trial and error. Know that what you’re buying is something that you’re going to use and not have to throw away for not being right for you. Gone are the days of trying out a new cleanser and realising it breaks you out and chucking it away! The best place to start is by using a Skin Diagnostic tool; it will ask you questions on your heritage, skin reactivity, environment and lifestyle to analyse your skin and recommend you products that are tailored to your needs.

  • Strip Back Your Skincare Routine

  • Unsurprisingly, that 10 step skincare routine you have does add up! Although, you may love playing around with makeup products, you can really strip back your skincare routine whilst benefiting your skin. Skinimalism is here to stay and is actually optimal for your skin. Your skin can’t always absorb everything you put on it, overloading can contribute to clogged pores and prone to sensitivity as the combination of ingredients for many different products accumulates. This leads to common skin concerns including spots, blemishes or redness. 

    Our Skin Diagnostic will recommend you your 2 step skincare routine so you only need to buy 1 product instead of multiple ones. 

  • Try Before You Buy

  • Samples are a great way to know something is right for you. Test the product without committing to a large jar. At Wǒ you can get 5 samples for £6.95 including FREE delivery and even better yet, you receive a £5 voucher off for your next order so they’re fully redeemable! 

  • Use Less Product

  • Whether we’re talking haircare, skincare or anything in between, you don’t need to empty the entire tub like they do on TV adverts! In fact, monodosing is the best way to know how much you should be using (how much is a pea sized blob anyway?). All our skincare comes in a monodose format so you don’t use too much product, you won’t waste a penny! Small but mighty, monodose products are fresh every time meaning less preservatives are needed as the contents don’t oxidise easily or go 'bad', so your skincare will last a long time and maintain efficacy. 

  • Dupes Could Be Your BFF

  • Did you know? A lot of your fave high end makeup products are made in the same factories as your lower end, drug store products. They are pretty much the same formulation and quality, just sold at a different price point, thanks to marketing. But, to be honest, in general, your budget friendly brands have really upped their game when it comes to dupes and product quality so don't shy away from these just based on their price and packaging. 

  • Keep Educated

  • Skincare and beauty can be so confusing with so many FAD trends circling social media all the time, usually these trends are cutting corner hacks that have an immediate effect but often do more harm than good in the long run. Stick to the basics and stay informed to prevent you splashing out on pore vacuums and what not! our skincare that is developed by skin experts, our Journal is a great resource to refer back to or our Instagram DM’s are always open for any questions 

  • Begin From Within

  • The best way to stop you from needing thousands of beauty and skincare products is to really focus on getting that glow from within. What you eat, drink and how much sleep and exercise you get really does impact your skin. Drink your recommended intake of water per day, limit alcohol and eat your fruits and veggies, exercise for 30 mins per day and get 7-9hrs of sleep per night for your best chance of healthy hydrated skin. Then, you can focus on a simple 2 step routine to amplify your skin health. 

    Don’t give up what you love best, we can help you kick start your budget friendly skincare routine; begin by taking our Skin Diagnostic to get your tailored to you, 2 step monodose routine. 

    Author - Lily Scales

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