Amazing 5 : Black Activists And Role Models You Should Be Following

Liv Little 

Liv Little is half Guyanese and half Jamaican and a familiar face at . Liv presented our virtual launch last August, where we discussed all things skincare and understanding the impact of various factors impacting your skin - including ethnicity.  Whilst at University she founded Gal Dem a magazine ran by women of colour and has become a prominent voice within the LGBTQ community - winning the Gay Times Honour For Media. She uses her platform to raise awareness and make the stories of those marginalised heard. 

Candice Braithwaite 

Whilst a blogger and influencer with a love for fashion and beauty, Candice is also the author of ‘I Am Not Your Baby Mother’ in which she speaks with honesty about the microaggressions she has endured and her experience of being a Black mother. She spreads awareness through good humour and positivity  without any sugar coating. 

Indya Moore

Indya Moore is an American actor and model, most well-known for the role of Angel in Pose. Indya identifies as non-binary and transgender helping to provide a voice for those who have suffered homelessness and abuse as a result of transphobia. Indya is an inspiration for many who need the confidence to embrace who they are. 

Lavinya Stennett 

Founder and CEO of ‘The Black Curriculum’ (an organisation that aims to provide Black history across the UK) Lavinya Stennett is also in the process of publishing her book - ‘Omitted, The Untold Black HIstory Lessons We Need To Change The Future’. Her team are pushing for education surrounding Black history to go beyond the month of October and become part of the conversation amongst young people.

Sophie Williams 

Sophie Williams is the manager of production planning at Netflix and an equality consultant and activist. She is the author of ‘Millennial Black’ and ‘Anti-Racist Ally’, she is dedicated to the Black Lives Movement and the movement towards allyship outside of the Black community, whilst inspiring Black working women who face barriers and challenges in the workplace. 

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Author: Sara Poidevin-Hill

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